Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Western new york flash bad season before it begun?

Well there goes western new york flash hopes this season of the womens national soccer league... Franch who is western new york flash's best goal keeper and has already been nominated to be the best goalie for the league is out because in training some how she has torn her acl in her knee and cannot play.. she actually needs surgery apparently it is that serious.... she has been replaced in the preseason roster by two lesser goalies and so western new york hopes have been dashed even before the season stars it would seem...well maybe not come to think of it as if sky blue reflects the skill of the rest of the league who have recently really struggled to even beat a minor uni team (st john) in a warm up match on Saturday which only ended in 1-0 and I think even the goal sky blue did score was based on look it doesn't look good for them and where they are as a team so wny may still have hope yet if that's anything to go by.

What do you think? will this upset the flash for the rest of the season or are the rest of the teams in the league also suffering so it doesn't really matter... also they have a good offense anyway so I guess they could play even without a goalkeeper entirely ;)

Also what I want to know is why she managed to tear her acl in training in the first place? Dont the coaches warm the players up before hand.. the coaches pushing them too much... or was it just one of those things?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My favourite soccer site back!

Quite glad to see one my favorite website the womens pro soccer is up and running again.. that last time I went on it I was just shown a white page which wasn't very good at all.. apparently they have been having quite a few difficulties but they have sorted out everything now and are back up and running...... shame that all old accounts and posts were wiped and there was no way to get them back... but it seems within a day they have already posted loads of great stuff anyway so I guess it doesn't matter..... well Im happy any way! Also gotta say I really like the new site design far better than the last one too so I guess that at least some good has came out of all of this. The reason why I like this site so much is because basically it is run by the fans.. the fans post the news!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Wordpress plugins no good just far too unsecure

 Wordpress lacks so many features.. especially when It comes to frontend posting...... it just doesn't have any safe plugins for this.

I think that wordpress need to stop relying on plugins.... plugins are being exploited by "seo" spammers and arw wrecking wordpress.....I only trust wordpress official plugins like bbpress and buddypress all others can potentially be hacked so wordpress should incorporate and create secure plugins for wordpress and not third parties which could potentially be made badly or on prupose have exploits that can hack sites....

Trying to find a wordpress frontend plugin that is secure

what I am trying to find is a wordpress frontend poster that is secure
I try to avoid plugins totally with wordpress because I dont want to wake up one day with mydomain.com/ugg-boots and then millions of spam links then pointing  to these pages.

What I want to create though on wordpress is a drupla type website on wordpress with front end registration, login and posting but I need help....... how can I do this.. what is a secure plugin preferably made by wordpress that could let me do this?

I know there are a few.. but if you use a search engines and add title of plugin and then something like exploit you get results from stupid "pen tester" database giving away hacks quite stupidly out in the open of most of these front end posters.

are there any?

Bored got nothing to do.

Well since I am recovering form plantar fasciits I guess its more sitting down for me resting even though I am rather sick of resting and just want to enjoy the sunshine. I cannot move, walk or stand up much because that would put pressure on my feet which is not good if you got plantar fasciitis and can make it worse.... so I guess I am just stuck to my chair then.... bored with nothing to do.

I just wanted to set up a football blog!

I run a football blog well I used to that is that was until I was scammed by the web host I was using. I was using  a webhost that WAS called dabuu to host my football blog where I would be posting about all football news and all sorts but it seems that dabuu sold and then decided to turn off my website even though I had paid for a whole years hosting up front. But I have my suspicions and so do many other people over on the webhostingtalkforums that dabuu never sold and that the owner simply collected money from there hundreds of customers and then just ran with it..... the owner has previously done this before I later found out when someone in a thread pointed this out on webhostingtalk... they did the same thing set up a hosting company and then a few months later they sold it... never for the host to ever return again and the customers loose all the peoples money. I guess my football website will just have to wait as I find a new host.. aaaaah I hate these scammers.. Also apparently the con man lives in leeds...Hmmmm leeds aint to far away.

Hmmm not plantar fasciitis!

Currently and most annoyingly I got my self plantar fasciitis but it is quite strange really that i got this condition because thanks to my boring job where I just sit at a desk all day not moving I have got it so I am a bit confused because I thought it only happens to athletes I guess I was wrong because I am far from being a athlete.

Maybe it was caused when I went shopping and I just on my feet for to long and because my feet are not  exercised that much and so are not strong enough to cope has caused it but who knows.

I am quite annoyed because now I am going to probably end up being even less active than I was before.

How am I going to deal with this?

Well I have since heard of plantar fasciits insoles which look good, so I might just buy them as they are worth a try right they only will cost me £10 and will if all goes well will support and strengthen the arches of my feet. I guess as well what I could do is actually exercise for once as thats gotta be beneficial right...... I wonder if there are any feet exercises I can do to improve stuff...... I was reading this about protecting your feet that was quite good and some of the stuff it talks about is really good espcially if you have not got a clue like me... they really need to learn how to use paragraphs though.. haha.